Eduardo Moreau

Experience and Knowledge Working for You!
Eduardo (Eddie) Moreau. I believe in my ability to provide the service of facilitating or providing the reunion of the parties involved in the Real Estate transactions involved. For that fact, I am not just a Salesperson, I am a facilitator… I don’t rent or sale, that decision making comes from the owners of the properties involved. I’ve acquired that knowledge from being a long time retailer from the Dominican Republic, Upper Manhattan, Greenwich Village, New York City,Long Island and New Jersey.
I arrived in Puerto Rico in 1988 and have been adopted; in turn I have adopted the enchanted Island of Puerto Rico as my home.  I have made Palmas del Mar as my second home and passion. Thanks to Palmas del Mar, I’ve been able to provide a better life to my family & my three children (Marcos, Monica & Andres). The Island of Puerto Rico has provided safety, stability and financial security to my family and me, during all these years and the ones to follow. This Island has provided an environment that I enjoy very much; health, cultural and weather wise. I have Lived in Many places but Puerto Rico is my best Fit!  
In my Real Estate Career & profession, I bring to the table over 30 years of Real Estate experience with integrity and much success. Top Producer in new products and resale, Top Lister and member of the Multi-Million Dollar Club, the list goes on and on. I’ve shared many successes, merits and awards but the best award is the variety of people I have met as clients and in turn have become my friends and supporters. I believe that has been the main reason for my longevity and success. I owe all it to my clients Loyalty & trust. Thank You! Eduardo (Eddie)Moreau